It is a version of ultrasonic fat loss treatment. It is thought through the sytem being used  to break kidney Stones. In cavitation the target is fat. Because of this we use different frequency wavelength than the ones used in kidneystones.

The sound waves causes bubbling in fat cells. This effect is called cavitation. This bubbling cause first extension then blust. Then fatty acids get released from fat cells and these acid molecules are taken away by lymph nodes and veins.

The studies show that this system is successful and safe. And every session circumferencial decrease is about 2-6 cm. The suggested number of sessions is 5.


If one can do a diet with less carbohytrate and fat, he or she will benefit much more. If one can also do exercise such as walk, run, swim after the treatment they will get quicker and long lasting results.

There is no need for preparation to do cavitation.It can be done at anytime of the day. If one has High blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, blood coagulation disorders, it should be done under doctor control. It can’t be done if one has dermatitis, metal prosthesis or ulcer, or  if one is pregnant.  

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