Chemical Peeling

It is a peeling with using chemical products. It is classified within three subgroups.

1.Superficial Peeling:  The concentration of the acid is low. We usually use glycolic acid, salisilic acid and resorsinol. The peelings with fruit acids are the lightest ones and it helps skin care.It can help with very superficial fine lines. It is a very good peeling to have a refreshed radiant skin. One can go back to rutine right after the peeling. It is usually done for about 6-10 sessions, every 2-4 weeks.

2.Medium Peeling: It is really effective for regeneration of the skin. As well as it is good for fine lines it is also effective for the treatment of superficial skin pigmentation and acne scars. Acid concentration is slightly higher here. The most preferred ones are trichloroasetic acid and glycolic acid. After the treatment face gets red. The healing time is for about 1 week. To make the healing time faster one should moisturize and protect from sunlight.

3.Deep Peeling: It is a very serious peel. It is usually done under general or local anaesthesia. It is very successful for the treatment of acne scars, fine lines, and pigmentation. After the treatment one may require painkillers. Swelling may continue for about few weeks. There is a cardiac side effect with phenol solution. It is not preferred for dark skinned people. It may cause permanent hypopigmentation.

In our clinic we only do superficial and medium peelings.

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