Dermamelan - Cosmelan

 The melanine pigments are more in amount at the pigmentation area. High production of melanineis due to different reasons.. The main reason is sun. And also genetic tendency, pregnancy, medications, some illnesses and cosmetic products. 

Type of spots:

-Melasma (cloasma): Using oral contraceptives, hormonal changes, amy cause increase in melanine. As a result of this we can get pigmentation on the nose, cheeks, chin, above lips.

-Photoallergic reactions: Some orally taken drugs and cosmetic products can cause pigmentation.

-Sun and solarium: Under the effects of sun skin gets thicker to protect itself and increase melanine and this cause increse in pigmentation.

-Freckles: These are congenital, and usually on nose, forehead, cheek and chin. They get lighter during winter.

-Solar lentigo: These are from the long effect of sun so we get these at late age. Tehse are in different sizes, different tones of colors.

After the postinflammation: When we have burns, acnes. They may leave mark and pigmentation

What is dermamelan and cosmelan and how does it affect?

This is a supression of melanine pigments by enzymatic peeling system.

Enzyme peeling is used for lightening the skin color. It supresses the tyrosinase. By this way stops melanine production.

Cosmelan and dermamelan consists of a light peeling system. Because it is very light doesnt give as much discomfor as other peeling systems. It can be applied on any type of skin at any season.It doesnt include trichloroasetic acid or other acids sos ide effects are minimum.

There may be little redness and light peeling. Rarely there may be swelling.the sypmtoms wear off within 48 hours. Ususally we get 85-90% result within 2-4 weeks. As a result it helps to get a refreshed rejuvınated skin without pigmentation

What are the advantages of this treatment:

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