It is known as microneedling. It is a fractional microneedling system.

Fractional microneedling affect mechanism:

  1. After microneedling cosmetic products get absorbed 200 times more than usual.
  2. This stimulate new collogen, fibrin and hyluronic acid production.

Treatment areas:

 Treatment areas:

How do we do fractional microneedling?

According to the treatment area  depth of the needle gets arranged. (0.5, 1,1.5,2,2.5 mm) numbing cream is applied 15 minutes before the treatment. Sking gets cleaned and dermapen gets applied on the skin. We open thousands of microcchannels.

We expect microhaemorrhagies on the treatment area then we apply the prodcut or PRP.

After the treatment:

First day there may be redness, according to the endication we do 6.8 session for every 7-15 days. Then we do follow up treatments after 3-6 months.

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