Dermaroller is used for  the treatment of lines and wrinkles, scars by induction of collogen production.

It is an ideal method for increasing the elasticity, decreasing lines and delaying aging process.

Before dermaroller treatment the area gets anaesthesized locally. According to the type of treatment we choose the lenght of the needle. With massaging the skin with these needles we open tiny tunnels into the skin. These tunnels stimulates the collogen production. The treatment takes for about 10-60 minutes according to the size of the treatment area.

After Dermarolle treatment the skin gets slightly red, there may be some bleeding and bruising. The skin gets back to normal after 24-72 hours. We usually do 8 sessions. We get the result of the treatment after 2-3 months.To increase the effect of the treatment we suggest patients to use skinmedica products at home.

If dermaroller isnt done with sterility protocols it may cause skin infections. Otherwise there is very little side effect. Such as dryness and color change and these fade away within 1-2 weeks.

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