Exilis Radiofrequency

Exilis elite is a noninvazive treatment  which decreases local fatty deposits and also tones up the skin.

Exilis elite uses the technology of ultrasound  and radiofrequency waves. It treats the area by cooling in a controlled manner.

Exilis elite targets the resistant fat areas by regulating skin temperature.

Ultrasonic mechanic energy helps to break down fibrotic matrix fat structures. By radiofrequency it heats up deep termal tissues. Metabolic activity starts and speeds up lypolisis.

Exilis elite decreases the lines and wrinkles and tones up the skin within 4-6 sessions. It uses focal high frequency technology. It is a painless procedure.

Exilise elite has FDA certificate and when it is used on suitable people ıt is safe. It is clinically tested. Studies show that it hasnt got any side effects.

The sessions take about 45-60 minutes. One can return to work immediately after the treatment. The sessions can repeat every 7-10 day. You start to see the results even after the first session. We get proper results roughly about 4-6 sessions.



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