WHY FACIALS: We often wash our hands, brush our teeth, have bath and moistrize our hands. Why?

 All these reasons explain why we need facials. Because when we look after ourselves we feel clean and satisfied. We feel beter inourselves and this reflects positive around us.

It also affects us psychologically.

We can separate facials into two groups:

  1. Home facials
  2. Clinical facials

Home facials: These are the facials that we do daily at home. For example cleansing, moistrizing, and preventing from sun.

Clinical facials: These are the detailed facials done in clinics. First thet analyze t he skin in details, the complaints and need get discussed. And treatment gets planned.

Less problemmed skings get this done for every 2-3 months. If the person has acne, pigmentation, pore problems a propriate programme is prepared. In turkuaz policlinic we have different treatment protocols.

Classical facials are divided into two groups:

  1. Classic skin facials: Done once a month and it is a detailed facial. Fisrt skin gets cleaned. Then peeling applied to get rid of dead cells. Then we give steam to the skin open up pores. We clean black heads and fatty deposits. Then skin gets cleaned again and we put mask and we do around eye treatment. Put moistrized and sunscreen.

2.    Special treatments: Treatment is done 4-8 sessions. 10-15 days inbetween sessions. We do    treatments according to the need of the skin

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