With aging our skin looses the amount of hyaluronic acid and the capacity of attaching water molecules decreases. We loose collogen and elastine fibers. Although this is the part of aging process, smoking, sun and bad weather conditions speeds up this process.

Fillers are best for especially lower face lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid is produced in laboratuary conditions, it doesnt consist of animal exctracts, it is transparent, and in the format of gel and crystal. Normally our skin consists of hyaluronic acid.When it is injected into the skin it hasgot the capacity of attaching water molecule 1000times more than its own molecule size. It is an easy and quick treatment, you see the results straight away. It is preferred for especially nasolabial fold, cheeks, around the mouth, and lips. One can get on with daily rutine straight after the injection. The effects lasts about 6-12 months.

Since 1996, Hyaluronic acid has been applied on more than two million people. It is very safe and doesnt require any tests prior to treatment. Allergic reactions are very rare. At injection site there might be slight swelling, redness and hardness, but these are all temporary. In all around the world it is a preferred cosmetic treatment as an alternative to cosmetic operations.

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