Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy  is  a  treatment of injecting mixture of vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, enzymes and some other medications together into the skin or fat either by manually or automatic mesotherapy gun.

Hair loss treatment with mesotherapy:

Poor circulation and genetic defects affect the sculp not to get enough oxygen vitamin and organic nutrition and this cause hair loss problems.

This mesotherapy is applied for making the existing but weak hair follicules to get stronger and healthier. Incerasing the blood circulation it helps to get healthier hair.

Hair mesotherapy is injecting minerals proteins vitamins into the sculp with microneedles. This increases cellular metabolism.

Mesotherapy is a supportive treatment to control hair loss. The results are satisfying and permanent.

Hair mesotherapy can be done for both women and men. The conditions  which benefits from mesotherapy are stres related hair loss, seasonal hair loss, metabolic hair loss.especially androgenic alopesias , this treatment is useful.

İn hormonal and genetic hairloss this treatmentis preferred as supportive treatment. The mixture we use during this treatment is prepared according to the need of the patient.

By this treatment the person gets coarser, healthier, shinier hair.the risks and side effects are minimal. We get quick results with this treatment.

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