Hair PRP

HAIR PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

This is a treatment to stop hair loss and to strenghten weak hair follicules.

With PRP we increase the quality of hair and we stimulate new hair growth.

We withdraw 100cc blood and after centrifuge we get PRP and we inject it superficially into sculp with napage technique.

PRP is done 2-6 sessions for every 4-6 weeks. It is suggested that follow up treatment is done as once a year.

After the treatment there is no scar or any side effect. The person can go back to normal rutine life after the treatment.

Hair PRP summary:

  1. Patients’ own blood is used.
  2. It is certified by FDA
  3. It is very effective for hair loss
  4. It can be for any age any type of hair loss.
  5. It is even more effective when combined with hair mesotherapy.
  6. 2-6 sessions for every 4-6 weeks. Every session is for about 30 minutes.
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