Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation is a method of getting rid of hair permanently.

Since 1960s experimental studies the technology of laser improved and safety of it increased and it got FDA certification for the first time in 1997. It has been proved that it doesnt harm human health.

In medicine there are several types of laser systems. The lasers we use for hair removal work with selective photothermalyse principle. It means that laser get absorbed by the melanine pigments in the hair root, and it burns the hair root permanently.

The hair removal lasers have 600-1100 nm wavelength. And different wavelengths wouldnt be preferred as they wouldnt get absorbed by melanine pigments.

There is a circulation of hair growth. Anogen phase is the active growing phase of the hair. At this phase the hair is mature and can be seen on the skin. During epilation the hair especially at this phase gets treated.

At any given time 10-20 % of our hair would be in anogen phase. That is why we would need periodic sessions of laser hair removal to complete treatment.

The treatment period is every 4-6 weeks for face, every 6-8 weeks for genital area and every 8 weeks for arms, legs, chest and back. Usually we get good results within 5-6 sessions if the hair and skin color is suitable.

In laser epilation the ideal patient  is with pale skin and dark course hair. Because the melanine pigments in dark hair absorbs the laser best. The pheamelanine in ginger and blonde hair wouldnt absorb laser.

Before laser epilation patients should come and show their hair structure as in their natural way for first consultation.During laser treatment they shouldnt remove their hair from the root with wax, tweezer or threading. They should protect themselves from the sun not to get suntanned.

In our center we have Alexandrite, Diode and NdYAG laser. They are all FDA and CE certified.

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