Scarlet Radiofrequency

It is giving radiofrequency waves by microneedles into the skin and rejuvinating the skin.It is chosen the treatment of the year for antiaging in America in 2013.

It stimulates the fibroblast cells tp produce collogen fibrills.

Before the procedure we put numbing cream on face, by this way one feels less pain during the treatment. After the treatment skin gets regenerated, the pores get smaller and small tread veins look narrower.

The treatment takes about 45 minutes and the redness after the treatment lasts about 2 hours.

When we apply scarlet on one side of the face we see straight away some difference such as lifting, tightening, more radiant look compare the other area. After the treatment within 30 minutes heated skin absorbs water molecule and face gets swollen. This is a temporary oedema. The skin starts rejuvination with producing new collogen. And capillary veins also get reformation.

The effects are:

We suggest 3 sessions in total and gap between the sessions is 30 days. We suggest to repeat the treatment a year later.

Scarlet treatment can be suggested for:

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